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Sand Free and Light Weight Beach Towel | Malibu $69


Discover a one of a kind celebrity experience with our Malibu sand-free and lightweight beach towel. Its magnificent and colourful hibiscus print and palm tree reverse side will surely make your friends feel envious once you start using this compact and light microfibre towel from the Lee and May's towel collection. Being made from the finest microfibre cloth makes this beach towel unique and useful. It repels sand and dries faster than a “typical” beach towel. The very functional woven hook feature also makes it easier to dry via air or sun. If you travel, go to the beach or to the gym then this is the right towel for you.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and compact - weighs less than 500g
  • Repels sand - leave it at the beach
  • Dries quicker than your average beach towel
  • Woven hook for easy hanging and drying
  • Hibiscus flower design one side and palm trees on the reverse
  • Dimensions: 180cm x 60cm (63 x 32 inches)

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