Lee and May

Sand Free and Light Weight Beach Towel | Bloom


✔ Designed in Australia  

✔  Sand Free Towels 

✔ Highly Absorbent 

✔ 'Quick drying' and 'Compact' perfect for travel

Is standing out from the crowd your specialty? “Bloom” is the design for you! The colourful spring floral print will transport you to your dream location, it’s time to grab your best bathers, and beach umbrella for an unforgettable weekend by the water.

No one has time on holidays to be annoyed by the scratchy sand, lucky for you Lee and May’s sand free technologies leave the sand at the beach and not on your towel or skin.

Our one of a kind practical design weighs less than 500g so it’s perfect to take travelling, to the beach, or to the gym. Lee and May create stand out, functional and versatile towels for all.

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