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Craig the Koala - Mulga Design | Microfibre Beach Towel | Lee and May


Meet Craig the Koala

✔ Design in Australia  

✔  Sand Free Towels 

✔ Highly Absorbent 

Craig the Koala is a one of a kind design by local artist Mulga, combined with our practical sand free towel that is lightweight and highly absorbent. Perfect to take traveling, to the beach or picnic.

With all the benefits a Lee and May towel brings you with a unique story behind the design! Weighs less than 500 grams and measures 180cm x 60cm (63 x 32 inches)

Want to know more about Craig the Koala? Read on:

Once there was a koala called Craig and he loved summer so much that every year when the first day of summer arrived he spent the whole day floating around in his fav flamingo floaty with his best buds. Before his flamingo floaty was a floaty he was a regular flamingo called Todd but he saw how much fun floaties had so he changed to be a floaty flamingo instead of a regular flamingo and indeed he did have heaps of fun times. Except in winter when he would sit in the pool shed because it was too cold for floaty action.

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