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Greg the Seagull - Mulga Design | Sand Free Beach Towel | Lee and May

$60 $75

Meet Greg the Seagull

✔ Design in Australia  

✔  Sand Free Towels 

✔ Highly Absorbent 

Greg the Seagull is a one of a kind design by local artist Mulga, combined with our practical sand free towel that is lightweight and highly absorbent. Perfect to take traveling, to the beach or picnic.

With all the benefits a Lee and May towel brings you with a unique story behind the design! Weighs less than 500 grams and measures 180cm x 60cm (63 x 32 inches)

Want to know more about Greg the Seagull? Read on:

Greg the Seagull was the head of investor relations for the Bondi Beach Seagulls. He was so efficient at his job that he got 5 days worth of work done in 2 days every week leaving him with time to chill on Bondi Beach and work on his sun strut. His superiors had no problem with this arrangement because he always met his KPIs every quarter without fail and often exceeded them. His secret of being so efficient at work was that he didn’t waste time or engage in meaningless chit chat and every task he did he did with speed and laser like focus.

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