Lee and May

Heat Wave | Sand Free, Quick Dry Beach Towel | Lee and May

$35.20 $65

✔ Designed in Australia  

✔ Sand Free Towels 

✔ Highly Absorbent 

✔ 'Quick drying' and 'Compact' perfect for travel

You will be heating up the beach this summer with our new “Heat Wave” design. You will love this unique Lee and May print, it’s bold, it’s firey, it’s HOT and it’s perfect for our Force of Nature Collection. This practical sand-free and lightweight beach towel will make your beach trip a dream this summer.

Whether it be pool side, beach side or in the gym, you will find the quick drying benefits unmatched. The microfibre material not only keeps sand out but it has an exceptionally soft feel on your skin compared with your ‘typical’ beach towel material. We don’t skimp on size either, our Lee and May towel dimensions measure at 180cm x 60 cm (63 x 32 inches), However when folded they fit nice and cosy into a small compact carry bag for convenient storage. 

Get your Lee and May Heat Wave towel now!  

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