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Brett the Seahorse - Mulga Design | Quick Dry Beach Towel | Lee and May

$56.25 $75

 Meet Brett the Seahorse! 

✔ Design in Australia  

✔ Sand Free Towels 

✔ Highly Absorbent 

A one of a kind design combined with our practical sand free beach towel that is lightweight and highly absorbent. Perfect to take travelling, to the beach or picnic.

With all the benefits a Lee and May towel brings you with a unique story behind the design!

Want to know more about Brett? Read on:

"Once there was a seahorse called Brett and he got into underwater photography in a big way. He even opened a photography business called Bretts Photography Services and did heaps of seahorse wedding photo shoots and other types of photos. One time he shot the wedding of Shane the Shark and Shane's mother in law was a real terror and tried to eat Brett but he hid in between some rocks and lived to shoot another day"


Weighs less than 500 grams and measures 180cm x 60cm (63 x 32 inches)

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