Lee and May

Daisy Orange | Sand Free Beach Towel | Lee and May

$48.75 $65

✔ Designed in Australia  

✔  Sand Free Towels 

✔ Highly Absorbent 

✔ 'Quick drying' and 'Compact' perfect for travel

Similar to the richly coloured daisies in a garden during summertime, you will love this unique Lee and May's 'Daisy Orange' sand-free and lightweight beach towel. This is a one of a kind towel, soft and easily foldable. This towel has a weight of less than 500 g and dimensions of 180cm x 60 cm (63 x 32 inches)

The Daisy microfibre beach towel fits in all kinds of bags for swimming, working out and travelling. It is very convenient to use and it dries faster than ordinary towels. Plus it comes with a woven hook that is designed for easy drying and hanging.

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